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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Westgate Wonderland

To kick-start the March school holidays, I brought the kids to the Westgate Wonderland which opened recently. Knowing the crowd that we most likely would encounter, I decided to be there at their opening time. Even then, there were many who thought alike and the place was already half-filled by the time we arrived. Any later, we might not have been able to get in at all for there was a long queue forming an hour later at the entrance. 

Soon, it started to drizzle. I managed to find a nice corner which was partially sheltered and the fun continued for another half an hour. Joram was taking a nap so I could rest on a flower stool with the children's water bottles on a tiny tree stump. 

My rest spot

Nearing lunchtime, it began to pour and I quickly exited the playground with the children. Without further ado, we headed for lunch to avoid the crowd. However, the kids saw the animal rides at ZooMoov and asked to play there after lunch. With the rain coming down hard, I guessed that many would come indoors very soon to seek alternative entertainment, so I decided that lunch could wait. 

We were the first there so we had many animals rides to choose from and I could take my time to load the kids on the vehicle and take pictures. As I expected, the other people came in just a few minutes later and all the other rides were snatched up in an instant. 

Watch the kids zip around on the blue rabbit!

Thankfully, it was still not too late to beat the lunch time crowd. I realised that Joram could be occupied for a long time by my bracelet watch after feeding him his lunch. Yeah! I then could eat in relative peace.

This is sooooo interesting!

Having our Jap-Korean cuisine

Gor Gor feeding Xiao Mei his curry rice

On the way back, I noticed that Joram is equally drawn to the grab pole of the MRT train as his older siblings. There are simply some things that run in the family! Haha...

Why don't we have this at home???

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Zoomoov said...

Hi! Glad to see your family enjoying our rides! Look forward to seeing you again!