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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Joram's First Birthday

My littlest one is one year old! He is such a wonderfully happy baby despite his reflux and eczema problems. He is indeed a miracle baby! But baby, he is, no more as we wave goodbye to the first year of his life. To celebrate, we brought the kids to Kiddy Fun at Turf City Grandstand because it seems to cater more to the younger kids. I'm glad of the choice because it was very suitable for Joram to utterly enjoy himself.

Family Shot

They have this Jumperoo-like thing which reminds me of the toy I rented for Joash when he was a baby. Although Joram was sufficiently intrigued by the contraption, he could not really jump as well as Joash back then. (Click HERE to watch the previous post.)

Eh... How does this thing work?

Let 大姐 help you out...

Crazy jumping in the bouncy room

They naturally gravitated to their
fav-coloured steering wheel

This see-saw can fit all of them just nice!

Playing "Poison Balloons'"

Happy watching his siblings play

Moving Swings

Congregation IN the pool???

Favourite toy: Balls

Favourite activity: Chasing after
balls in the "underground" maze

Sisters at the dressing tables

Turning the propellers

After two hours of major fun, we headed down to the Treehouse Cafe for lunch. Instead of ordering cake to celebrate Joram's birthday as per normal, I decided to get him vanilla ice-cream instead. Due to his reflux, he has yet to stomach anything with less than super smooth texture. He gagged even when I fed him baby biscuits or bread. Plus, he still has no teeth. Thankfully, he enjoyed the ice-cream very much while his siblings finished up the brownie for him. 

Joram: "What are you doing
behind me, Mummy?"

A video of Joram enjoying his first taste of ice-cream.

Sweet drinks for the older two
(Shhh... Don't let the
younger ones know.)

The best thing about the cafe is that they have a very extensive play area for the kids. We hung out there for nearly one and a half hours after our lunch! Joram was contented with playing around on the small play mat throughout the time. What an angel! May he continue to exalt God in his heart and behaviour for the rest of his life!

Wow! I can bang
these together!

Having loads of fun

The back view full of stripes...
That's all folks!

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