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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Blessed, not Happy

I actually commented out loud that this has been the worse Mothers' Day for me. 

The week leading up to today had been absolutely crazy. I had two extremely fussy feverish children whom I needed to carry a lot despite my bad back. I was also down with the same virus which made me so weak that I fainted and hurt myself. The teacher of one of the kids called me nearly everyday to complain about dismal work performance. Another kid kept balking at the dietary restrictions that I imposed for the sake of the said child's health. I was struggling so hard to simply get through the week that I had not spared a single thought as to what to do for my own Mothers' Day celebration. 

Thus, despite the loving efforts of my MIL, SIL and BIL to take care of the kids so that I could have the afternoon off with my husband, I had nothing in mind to do which is a rare thing for a planner like me. We went to a restaurant I thought of randomly with a vague recollection of my friends' recommendations of it. Yet, I didn't get to eat much of what I liked due to some sort of miscommunication and I had an unhappy encounter with a stranger. The shop I wanted to visit had shifted and we had to walk up and down a street filled with second-hand cigarette smoke to find another place which didn't exist. My sensitive respiratory tract acted up and the green phlegm came back with a vengeance from all those pollutants.

The children made multiple selfish demands of me this weekend and were far more disobedient than usual. The rare weekly chance I had to have some decent adult conversation with my dear CG sisters was constantly interrupted. As an introvert, I already have to make conscious effort to engage in a conversation. Plagued with numbing mental exhaustion, I could hardly make any meaningful connection with friends I'm familiar with. I had to think very hard to remember the most recent happenings in their lives and I couldn't recall what I had really been wanting to share with them. I merely went with the flow of the conversation, responding to questions and chatting about stuff which I never intended to talk about. I felt so brain-dead!

Truly, I did not have a 'happy' Mothers' Day. Yet, I am grateful for all that I have: being loved and empowered by God on a daily basis, having such a supportive and loving husband, raising children who have no debilitating health issues, enjoying warm and encouraging fellowship with like-minded sisters-in-Christ and experiencing God's provision in all areas of my life. Life is extremely hard, but I do count my bountiful blessings. So, instead of wishing fellow mothers the typical "Happy Mothers' Day", I would say "Have a blessed Mothers' Day.

Celebration with my mum

Carnations for my MIL

Lilies and tulips for my CG sisters

Origami flowers for
my Mum, Aunt and MIL.

Gifts the kids made in school and church

Bought myself a new bag to be used solely for BSF
Now, I don't need to keep packing my one
and only handbag for different purposes! Yay!

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