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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Parable of "Frozen"

Do you like Elsa or Anna? Many people like Elsa because of the pretty dress and the fun that magic seems to be. But do you know that there is an Elsa in all of us?

The harmful way of using her magical power is like sin. It appears like so much fun to freeze things without consideration but it can be very dangerous to play with ice. It can hurt and kill. It makes our hearts hard and cold.

Like Elsa concealing the fact that her powers were going rogue from other people, we try to hide our sinfulness from those around us. Since the beginning of time, Adam and Eve, too, hid from God when they first sinned and disobeyed. However, the more we hide our sin, the more it grows and becomes uncontrollable. No matter how much we want to “be the good girl [we] always have to be”, it is impossible for all of us to be “good” on our own. Finally, sin will separate us from God and from those we love. We are trapped in the “kingdom of isolation”.

Elsa sang that there was “no right, no wrong, no rules for [her]”. Yet, without the protective rules of love, she could never be truly “free”. She could only “let it go”, letting go of the chance to ever experience love and acceptance. Just like her, we can deceive ourselves into thinking that we “don’t care what [others] are going to say” and console ourselves that others will “never see [us] cry”. In the end, we “turn away and slam the door” forever to true love. 

The good news is, Anna loved her sister. Just like God loves us and wants us to be with Him again. No matter how far we ran away from God, He sent Jesus to come looking for us and break the curse of sin and end winter. Ultimately, “only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart”. Anna sacrificed herself to save Elsa, just like Jesus died on the cross to give us salvation from the destructive power of sin.

The moment Elsa understood and experienced this marvelous love, her powers were brought under control and the cold winter ended. What used to be lethal and painful becomes something beautiful, like the ice sculptures and the skating rink. Similarly, God can redeem us and change our willfulness into obedience to the rules of love, bringing happiness to those around us. 

Like Elsa going back to her loving sister and her kingdom, we are reunited with God and enter the kingdom of heaven when we accept Jesus' act of true love which thaws our frozen hearts.

A parable is a teaching story which only has A FEW points of similarities between the objects of comparison. This is in contrast to an allegory or analogy which have multiple points of similarities. Please do not think that I am claiming that the story of Frozen is EXACTLY like the gospel. It is not a Christian piece of work in the first place. Thank you.

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