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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Blessed Second Birthday, Joram!

Totally dig these vehicle candles!

To celebrate Joram's two-year old birthday, we took the older kids out of school on a weekday to be able to enjoy unlimited playtime at an indoor playground instead of the 2 hours allowed on weekends. This is because Joram takes a very long time to warm up to a new place and it would be very disappointing for him if we have to leave just when he starts to have fun. 

We started the day off with a breakfast treat at McDonald's. The kids totally love the hot cakes and orange juice there! Perhaps it was because there were very few customers on a weekday morning, they actually felt that the air-conditioning was too strong and decided to put on their jackets.

Having fun moving the butter
portion around like a vehicle

We arrived at The Polliwogs @ Suntec 10 min before their opening hour and so the kids had fun with the colourful game carpets outside. The boys looked so cool with their matching Superman jackets!

Playing hopscotch

And it's open! First customers of the day.

Getting a kick out of seeing
their shoes lined up together...

As I have predicted, Joram spent the first two hours getting used to the place in Daddy's arms while the older ones disappeared into the jungle of play equipment the moment they stepped in. At the end of the second hour, he was willing to come down from Daddy's arms but was contented to simply watch his older siblings at play.

Sucking his fist as
a coping mechanism

Joram: "That looks interesting...
Perhaps I should try it myself?"

It was this lighted slide which
tempted him to take the first "plunge".

With Gor Gor & Jie Jie's
help, the rest is history!


Love this wistful look!

It was time for a nap to recharge! Because the place was largely deserted, we could put together two sofa chairs to form an impromptu bed for him. With so few kids in the large playground, it was relatively peaceful and quiet. This makes for such a comfortable environment that Joram slept more than 2 hours, a record time for a nap outside of home. In the meantime, we had our lunch...

After waking up to a milk break and 15 min to restart his "engines", it was time for the second round of non-stop fun! He enjoyed himself so much that he cried when it was time to do the birthday song at tea break. We wanted to sing it while he was still awake and alert, so there was no better time. 

Unfortunately, the cafe did not serve cakes so we had to make do with ice-cream and waffles. We coincidentally did the same for his first birthday last year, but it was due to his hypersensitive oral cavity that time. Never fear! Joram will eventually get his long-awaited cake when we do another celebration at his grandparents' place this coming Sunday. 


Sliding down butt-first! ROFL

He adored the candles!!!

Joram: "Why are my siblings
not here yet? The nice candles
are already melting..." *pout*

Yay! Everybody fall in for the birthday song!

Eating time!

First bite

Joram: "Oohh... This is really good."

Joram: "Eehhh???
Wasn't that for me?"

Must share with everybody mah...

After the celebration was done, we had a bit of time before dinner and so we stopped by the Toys"R"Us beside the playground to chill. The place was deserted too so we had a relaxing time there checking out their toys. Hee hee...

Mad about vehicles

Can't believe that he was still holding
onto a toy car while banging on the drums!

This swing was made for him!

He is very good at kicking the
soccer ball around, much
like his older brother.

Then came dinner at Kopitiam. It was unexpectedly challenging for us parents because all the kids wanted to eat different things. They even wanted drinks from OUTSIDE the food court! I spent most of the mealtime dashing all over the foodcourt getting their food and bringing them outside ONE BY ONE to choose their beverage. I didn't want to dampen the mood by saying 'no' on a special day like this and so I ended up super drained after the two hours we had dinner.

Joram is such a great blessing to us being the most obedient of the lot. I don't think I could have coped as well if not for his good nature. Sadly, Jaide's wilfulness rubbed off on him especially of late and he developed the same fussy eating habits of his older sister. Still, after having gone through the worst, he is so much easier to handle. 

Dear Joram, no matter how old you grow, you'll always be the "baby" of the family. And yet, don't let being the youngest one deter you from setting the best example in the family and exalting God in all that you do. I look forward to the day when you, too, will know your Maker personally as your Lord and Savior! Blessed birthday, my little one!

"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity." - Timothy 4:12

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