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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Orchard Lights Tour

We started the new tradition of going Orchard to see Christmas lights and we have every intention of keeping that going. This year, I was more prepared. I made sure that all the kids had a nap in the afternoon, something I hadn't done in a long time. Only Jaide who slept the least became cranky towards the end. 

Even though I thought to walk in the opposite direction of last year's tour, the concentration of pretty lights and activities caused me to decide on the exact same route in the end. LOL One funny thing that happened was that a foreigner actually asked to take a picture with us because we were the "Super Family" aka all wearing the same Superman t-shirt! Hahaha...

This year, Orchard Gateway got voted the best dressed building so we had our dinner there. The food at Shin Sapporo Ramen was really affordable and good and the place was pretty deserted so we had a great time there. Then off we went on our annual Christmas lights viewing.

Orchard Gateway


Orchard Central

Big swing chair for all of them

313 @ Somerset

Mandarin Gallery

Street lights


Tangs: Still the one declaring the Truth!

Wheelock Place

These lights remind me of cookies...


ION Orchard, my favourite!

There were volunteers raising money for KKH so we bought 2 tiny hat clippies with blinking lights from them and got a free balloon with blinking lights too. 

This year, we met my ex-colleagues from SYFC and I was very encouraged that they used the Christmas murals to share about the true meaning of Christmas. There were also games stalls where children got to listen to different parts of Jesus' birth story. Keep up the great work, brothers and sisters in Christ!

Posing at the mural

Hearing about how Herod killed babies
in order to eliminate baby Jesus. *sob*

This year, the kids asked to watch the street performances. There was an uncle doing magic tricks and juggling acts. Another one was by the Annoying Brothers who were delivering a slapstick comedy routine. Then a Japanese young man demonstrated a short breakdance. The hilarious thing is he got Joshua to be his assistant for the show!!! Watch the video below to see a snippet of it. *grin* The kids got the hang of putting money into the bag/hat after each entertainment as appreciation. 

Now you see it,
now you don't!


Joshua's moment of fame!

Since I happened to pass by Nippon-ya, I took the opportunity of the kids eating their Yami Yogurt supper to purchase a box of kitty biscuits to hang on my teacup whenever I enjoy my french rose bud tea. *swoon* We ended once again at Paragon's junior playground. It was 11pm by then so we called it a night. 


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