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Monday, October 9, 2017

Children's Day 2017

I just started the tradition of celebrating Children's Day last year and thus, other than the buying of presents, there wasn't anything meaningful that I'd thought of to do which could be repeated annually. Judging from the experience of going to the movies from the previous year, I figured that the younger two are still too immature and fussy for it especially if I have to manage them without Joshua's help. So watching a show would be out of the question for at least another two more years.

In the end, I brought them to Sushi Express as a treat instead. The older two were more than capable of serving themselves. Thankfully, the revolving sushi belt was entertaining enough to keep the younger two occupied while I served them food. It was a successful experiment. The food was to their liking and the bill came up to only 42 bucks despite wolfing down 24 plates of food among the 5 of us. Check out the stacks of pink plates behind the kids in the above photo!

Tea break was a disaster though. Our church gave each kid 4 Mr Bean vouchers last Sunday as gifts so I thought to use them up. They were so excited choosing the flavours of the soy-based ice-cream and insisted on having double scoops. I obliged against my better judgement when they refused to listen to my advice of getting pancakes instead. I hate to tell them "I told you so" but in the end they didn't like the taste at all, as I had suspected, and had so much leftovers. I tried my best to eat up the durian ones because it was one of my favourite flavour but that was only two out of five scoops of ice-cream. I felt it was such a waste to throw away the rest so I bought a box of ziplock bags from the supermarket and poured all the melting ice-cream into one of them. It became a nice, chilled, chocolatey soy-based shake for Joshua to enjoy when we met up for dinner. ROFL

I asked the children to choose board or card games as their presents this time round. At home, we have Snakes and Ladders, Donkey, Tumbling Tower, Chess and Checkers which the children have gotten bored of. The older two at least could play Mastermind with me but none of them have the vocabulary to play my favourite game Taboo yet. It is time to invest in more games which we can all play together. Looking forward to happy family times enjoying our purchases!

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