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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Jaide Is Six!

When her older sister chose to celebrate her birthday with her classmates in school, Jaide told me she wanted to do the same. Knowing that this option is the most expensive one, with party favours for all the classmates and the humongous cake big enough for everyone, I said that she could only do it when she is in K2. True to my word, I gave her what she wanted.

From experience, I realised that getting multiple small gifts to put into the party bag adds up to a lot. Yet, I have not changed in my determination not to succumb to using cheap junk food to pad it up, I figured that getting a single good quality gift for each child would be a better idea. We decided to buy caps in Jaide's classmates' favourite cartoon characters. I made a list of available options and asked her friends each to fill in his/her name beside the one he/she would like. Of course, Jaide got to pick out her pink princess cap too!

All the options chosen by the children

On the actual day, despite it being a school day, I let Jaide miss the morning lessons because she wanted the full princess outfit; a Princess Aurora gown complete with tiara and nail polish. It took me quite a long time to doll her up. After which, I brought my kids out for lunch and Jaide enjoyed a nice mango pudding after her meal. 

Then, it was time for the appointed celebration. The 2kg Sleeping Beauty cake was so big and heavy that I had a hard time carrying it to her school with 4 children in tow! Jaide also handpicked the number 6 and two butterfly candles for her cake. When we reached, her classmates kept asking me why Jaide was so pretty that day, much to the birthday girl's delight. LOL

Jaide's teacher offered to take this
family pic for me. How nice of her!

After the entire class had their fill of the birthday cake, Jaide went about distributing the caps to her friends. For those who were absent for the day, Jaide put the gifts into their cubby holes. She flitted around the classroom in her pink dress like a lovely butterfly. All my hard work was worth it to see her grin from ear to ear the whole time. Blessed birthday, Jaide! May God continue to grow and mature you into a good servant leader.


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