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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Joram accepted Jesus!

I have asked Joram whether he wanted to invite Jesus into his heart a couple of times over the past one year but he would flash me a cheeky grin and say no. I figured the he saw no need for God in his life and thus I waited upon the Lord for his heart to be ready. 

In the recent weeks, he has been uncharacteristically oversensitive and cried at the drop of the hat even when there seemed to be no clear reason for him to be upset. He could suddenly burst into tears upon being asked an innocent question. I tried being extra gentle with him and gave him lots of affection but it was no use. Joshua also complained to me that he was very whiny and weepy these days and asked me if it were an extremely delayed "terrible twos".

I was puzzled too so I started seeking God for an answer. Last week, it suddenly dawned upon me that he might have become aware of the God-shaped vacuum in his heart. Since Jaide is celebrating her 3rd spiritual birthday soon anyway, I decided to wait a week before asking him the ultimate question again. If he were to say yes, they would be able to share the same spiritual birthday.

Today, I called him into my bedroom after breakfast. I asked him if he knew that he was crying a lot lately and I asked him for a reason. Was it because he was bullied? He shook his head. Was it due to feeling unwell? He replied no. Was it because he felt empty in his heart? Tears started to pool in his eyes and he nodded his head slowly. So when I asked him if he wanted to ask Jesus into his heart to fill it up with love and joy, he agreed readily. 

I explained the gospel using the same Good News material I used with his siblings. I was surprised that it all seemed new to him despite going to church and bible study with us all his life. I guess he heard bits of it here and there but no one has yet to help him piece them together. He kept asking me how to ask Jesus into his life but I did not want to skim over the important concepts since he was unfamiliar with them. After I made sure he understood what I was showing him, I led him through the sinner's prayer. He was thrilled when I guided his hand to write in his commitment card. He kept saying that he was writing to Jesus. 

His very own commitment card and 
spiritual journal for future use

To be fair, I also brought him out to get a cup of ice-blended chocolate to celebrate his new life in Jesus before he went up the school bus. He was smart to ask whether his older brother and sisters had the drink too when they received Christ in the past. LOL Check out his siblings' day of salvation HERE and HERE.

I pray that Joram will gradually allow God to pour into his life so that his cup will overflow with His mercy and grace. May he experience Jesus to the full and know that he will never walk alone again!

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