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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father of 4

Jaide: "My first Father's Day gift to Daddy!"

This year, Joshua is officially a father of 4 children! *fanfare* 

To help him celebrate this memorable day, I made sure that he got to attend the entire church service in the main sanctuary. He has been bringing Jaide to the toddler class while I go to the infant room with Joram on Sundays so I hoped that he could finally have the chance to enjoy time with the Lord, worshipping Him and listening to His word being preached, without interruptions. 

I settled the kids' breakfast and ushered the older two into their respective Sunday school classes before I brought Jaide, along with Joram, to the toddler's class. The teachers taught the little ones to make Father's Day presents. I was pleasantly surprised that Jaide could properly put the stickers onto the mini tie, which was to be placed around the neck of a beverage bottle. After the service, I went to pick up Joash and Jayna and the children all eagerly waited to present their handmade gifts to their father.

To continue with the break from taking care of the kids, Joshua went off on his own in the afternoon while I watched over our brood at my in-laws' place. The children had lots of fun riding the toy car and bicycle. Thankfully, there was enough space for Jaide to hitch a ride with an older sibling in the car or she would have been pretty bored very quickly. As for Joram, he was happy to be on the bed exercising his limbs after being fed and thoroughly burped.

Joshua came back in time to join us for a sumptuous dinner with all of us. It was tiring for me to handle all the kids without my dear husband's help even on a Sunday but I wanted him to be recharged to reward him for all the effort he puts in daily to be an involved father. Other than working and going for army training, he has given the rest of his time to the family. He even wakes up with me to do the night feeds!

I just want to say a big 'thank you' to my darling Bear Bear for being such a wonderful husband and father! *kiss*

Riding away...

Video of Jaide hitching a ride with Joash

Video of Joram doing "tai chi"

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