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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hazy Dayz

Last week's haze had been so bad that I refused to let the younger two step out of the house at all.

At least Joash and Jayna still have school to attend and Joram is too young to know any better. Poor Jaide bears the brunt of the cabin fever. She is starting to exhibit strange behaviour such as taking out the dirty laundry to distribute all over the kitchen floor!

In my desperate attempts to entertain the active toddler, I tied a few balloons together for her to walk around the house with.

Normally, I would stop her from doing potentially dangerous things but during this period, I took pity on her and allowed her the freedom of assembling and playing in her own make-shift mini playground.


If all else fails, there is always "torturing" 弟弟 as her favourite pastime. She simply can't get enough of stroking, kissing and hugging him. Sometimes, she even wants to wrestle with him and offer toys to him in the hope that he'll play with her! *faint*

Jaide: "Sayang, sayang..."
Joram: "二姐, how many times do you 
intend to do that? A hundred times?"

Jaide is the happiest to see Gor Gor and Che Che come back from school cos she'll finally have more people to keep her gainfully occupied. She is at the stage when she'll want to be a part of whatever the older siblings are doing. 

So while they were completing their homework, she was sorting her colour pencils, when she was actually supposed to be doing some colouring. Haiz...

Haze, haze, go away... little Jaide wants to play.

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