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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Nordic Adventures

During the previous visit to Changi Airport, we were caught off-guard by all the new regulations pertaining to the slides and the terms and conditions regarding redemption using receipts. I didn't want to go to back there unprepared and tried to research online as much as I could before planning the trip. Thanks to that, I could properly attire the older two who were old enough to enter the Snow Fun House by themselves and planned alternative activities for the younger two while the older ones were at play. Since the slide had a minimum height requirement too, I invested in coins for Jaide and Joram, who were still not tall enough, to go on kiddy rides to their hearts' content. 

We went to Xin Wang Hong Kong cafe for lunch to clock the receipt for the first pair of tickets. We totally love the food there and wouldn't mind eating at the restaurant even without the need for hitting the minimum amount. And then off the dynamic duo went into the "freezer" for some fun. Sadly, we didn't realise that hoods for the winter jackets were provided only upon request and the kids had painfully cold ears when they came out. 

Our second attempt at clocking the amount was not as pleasant. We tried Manhattan Fish Market for the first time and it was a disaster. The salad was drowned in dressing which made everything terribly sour, the fries were soggy and the volcano sauce had so much pineapples in it and was hardly spicy, much to our disappointment. "Volcano" was definitely a misnomer. They should have called it pineapple sauce. *faints* What's more, despite having "fish market" in their name which would imply good fish dishes, the salmon and black cod were nothing to rave about. 

After the dinner fiasco, we headed down for round two of snowy fun. This time, we were prepared and properly suited up and the older kids had loads of fun inside doing what they discovered they liked most: the ice slide. 


Better prepared
for round 2

Alternative entertainment
for the little ones

joy ride!!!

Their frosted spectacles after coming out
Lego playing afterwards

In spite of my research efforts, I somehow still managed to miss the fact that the canopy playground at T1 was no longer around and was replaced with a pale version of itself. Thankfully, the viewing of real life planes up close fascinated Joram for a long time and the older three went crazy making paper aeroplanes out of the paper originally provided for the wood block rubbing station and they played in the large empty space for more than an hour.

Because none of the kids qualified for the tall slide, Joshua and I tried it ourselves using the smaller receipts. We took turns to go down it while the kids watched us from the sidelines and via the TV. It was pretty cool. Too bad, no pictures were taken. 

Before we headed home, I made an impulsive decision for us to have desserts for supper at the famous Hello Kitty Orchid Garden. We never let the kids eat beyond dinner-time, let alone something full of sugar. But hey, Mummy can afford to go crazy once in a while, right? Plus, I'm sure the kids would remember this special sweet treat for a very long time to come. :P 

The meal was so 'atas' and expensive that we could redeem yet another ticket for the snow fun house. It was too late for us to go again but we could benefit another CG family who intends to go down to Changi Airport sometime soon. 

Lychee rose cake
Affogato aka expresso float
Hot chocolate &
vanilla gelato
Flower pot

Both kid no. 2 and kid no. 4 ordered banana split!

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