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Friday, June 16, 2017

Windsor Nature Park

Whenever my CG mates organise hikes, I would always give it a miss because I am not keen on forest trails, at least not the ones in Singapore with the weather being so terribly hot and humid. I am also not looking forward to being mosquito feed. However, I always have a nagging thought at the back of my mind that I might perhaps be depriving my children of valuable and possibly enjoyable experiences with nature. 

So, I wanted to give it a shot and took the kids to Windsor Nature Park with our CG friends. As you can see from the above photo, the four of them were not especially thrilled about this particular outing. I persuaded them to give it a chance and they reluctantly agreed. And off we went to brave the new frontier!

As evidenced by the above picture, only the firstborn somewhat enjoyed the trekking. The other three continuously whined about the heat and kept asking to go somewhere with air-conditioning. The girls almost fought with each other over the mini fan which their friend brought along and poor little brother started asking me to carry him half an hour into the trail. The spotting of squirrels three times did little to pique their interest.

After an hour of utter misery, I decided to cut my losses and turned back to civilisation, bidding farewell to our hiking buddies as they ventured to conquer the treetop walk which took another 4 hours. I'm so proud of those children who made it to the top! As for my kiddos, I'm just grateful that we spotted a crowing rooster and a troop of monkeys on our way out of the park. It kinda cheered them up a little.

Alas! Jaide was so happy that we were reaching the end of our trek that she became overexcited in her steps and tripped, bloodying her knee. Thank God that I was well-prepared for such accidents and I whipped out my arsenal of wet wipes, antiseptic cream and big plasters to dress her wound. 

I think I'll bring only my gung-ho eldest boy with me on my next attempt to challenge the treetop walk. I was pretty disappointed that we didn't make it this time round...

I tried to get them to observe the waxy foliage...

Rooster in the Tree

Monkeys Playing

All patched up and ready to say goodbye
to her place of torture. Sigh...

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